Speculum Artium 2010

SPECULUM ARTIUM 2010 (Trbovlje the new – media setting)

Europe and the world have long been at the peak of an economic crisis. We have all felt it, regardless of our work field. In a crisis the first impact is on art and culture even if in this kind of life situations people need them the most to raise the morale and optimism. The “Trbovlje new media city” strategy with its timing and context has managed to overtake this crisis. Institutions that rely solely on taxpayer funds will have to cut on their program, while “Trbovlje new media city” is expanding it. Local communities and local economies have adopted a way of working started by the new media city and therefore this year the festival Speculum Artium* will be even richer in terms of projects and content.In 2009, in public institution Delavski dom Trbovlje (DDT) a newmedia festival Speculum Artium 09 (S.A.09) was held (integrated art of alternative realities). The realisation and the wide response to the event in our local community and the public at large, showed the need of S.A. being permanently present and alive in Trbovlje; in Delavski dom Trbovlje and various locations in the town itself.

“Fuck the War”

SPECULUM Artium was born in 2008 under the supervision of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design with the assistance of Art-Net-Lab the society that was founded in an attempt to reunite Arts and Sciences. The organization was taken over by “Trbovlje the new media setting” the very next year with the help of the Chair of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. This year the festival with its parallel events is entirely under the domain “Trbovlje new media city” and “The Labour Home of Trbovlje. The Chair of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design from Ljubljana will be represented by its studentsThis year’s S.A. 2010 is subtitled: EXIT STRATEGY – ART OR TECHNICISM. Science and art have many times shown and proved in their joined actions that they are compatible within the technological paradigm of 21st century. When preparing the concept for S.A. 2010 we started with the question when the technical thinking can weight over the artistic thinking. In reality that is a false dilemma, since the art of whatever kind is an integral part of general consciousness and state if society. Therefore it does not need to justify it’s existence.

Trbovlje has many times shown it’s avant-garde in the area of culture trough the staggering ways in it’s historic development. The downfall of social and production systems in the 20th century leads to an inevitable questioning about the future. New media culture is a historic opportunity to reestablish self-confidence and faith in the future in our area.

Modern art ended up in grip of partial knowledge and interests, uncompromising dictate of postcapitalistic thinking and the capital. It slipped away from the hold of the poets, explorers. S.A. 2010 in it’s foundations builds upon previous festivals and their organisation structure. S.A. 2010 festival will present production emerging from the very structure of new media art in the world:
– synthesis of artistic and scientific principles,
– socialisation of new media production,
– establishing a dialog between traditional visual and new media practice,
– revitalisation of the degraded social space trough new media practice,

– returning the management of system of production and presentation to the author’s – establishing critical reflection – subversive link between art, technology snd society.

It should be said that Speculum Artium will be one of the many events that will take place in Trbovlje. Let me mention the new media art exhibitions taking place continuously not to mention the 7 plus 1 workshop led by curator Nives Marvin and of course events on the thirtieth anniversary of the Trbovlje most known group the Laibach in September and October 2010. The TNM Society was founded with the help of the local authorities in Trbovlje, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science to be able to organize workshops for University and High School students.

Therefore we can hope for even further increase of international cooperation (Ars electonica – Linz) and our program.

*Speculum artium – between art and politics there is a very delicate bond, which can be characterized as speculum artium or a mirror image of art (quote from the text: Postmedia State, Peter Weibel; 12th catalogue from the International Festival of Computer Arts, Ljubljana, Maribor, May 2006).

Doc.Mag. Dusan Bucar Zoran Poznič,

Head of the Program Council TNM Manager DDT

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