Mladi iz Zasavja #3: Sergej Skočir

Hello! What is your name?
My name is Sergej
Are you from Zasavje?
Yes I am, I am from Hrastnik. That’s next door.
What is your age?
So tell us a little bit about your path until now, studying and so on.
I went to Ljubljana to study computer science and I’m hoping to finish soon. And that’s pretty much all there is.
And do you intend to stay in Zasavje to work?
Well, it depends if tehre’s gonna be any job offerings, then yes. But as it turns out it is really hard to get a job around here, so right now Ljubljana is a better option.
But if you had a choice, would you like to stay in Zasavje?
I think so
What makes like your place?
Well, it’s where I grew up, so that’s that and I think it’s a really nice surroundings, a lot of mountains to visit, it’s not as crowded as major cities.
So you are now in process of trying to get a job?
Yea, pretty much. Slowly getting in to.
What you think can describe a region? What for you can describe the region?
I don’t know, hard working people I guess.
Yes, it goes back to the miners. It’s really a hard job, and somebody had to do it, so here we are.
And most of your colleges are still in Zasavje?
Well, some of them are, but I have also made friends elsewhere. It is kind of interesting to speak to people who have never been here. They don’t really know what is like around here.
What can you envision for the future of this region?
Well, I hope it can develop into something, because the mining industry is slowly closing down. So I guess we are going to have to find some other things to do, new fields of interest. But I think there are enough people that are capable and have visions what to do and I think we can pull it off, maybe start something completely new right here.
Great, that’s exactly the point. So if you had a possibility to develop something on your own, your own project, you would do it?
Yes, most certainly. I know enough people, so I think it’s doable.
We’ll see what comes up at the end of the year.
At the end of the year? That is a very short ammount of time.
Or until 2013
Yea, that is better.
Ok, just to end, what do you mean so far about our first day?
Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know that much about the whole project, but the first impressions are really good. I’ve learned a lot in like an hour that we have been working. Hopefully we get more practical stuff rather than just presentations. But other than that I’m very much impressed.
Is it the first time that you are in MCT or the Delavski dom?
Yea, I’ve walked by here a lot and noticed there was a new building, but I never took notice what is happening in here. But it’s interesting and I think it’s got potential, definitely.
Ok, thank you so much
Thank you